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Grant Peeples



2016 - A Congress of Treasons
2014 - Indescretion
2014 - Punishing the Myth
2013 - Grant Peeples and Sarah Mac Live at the Mockingbird
2012 - Prior Convictions
2011 - Okra and Eccelsiastes
2010 - Live at the Hideaway - EP
2009 - Pawnshop
2008 - Its Later Than You Think
2007 - Down Here in the County
Grant Peeples hails from Sopchoppy Florida, near Tallahassee, and is the real thing. When he writes about Florida he knows what he is talking about - because he has lived it all his life. When he writes about the state of the nation, he does so from a perspective fueled by his keen intellect and a view shaped from living part of his life as an expatriot in Nicaragua. He is part poet and part cracker. He delights in making you think and he never shies away from the asking the tough questions - religion, politics, the environment and corporate excesses among them. His songs are filled with humor, but he is never the comic. Grant is prone to calling himself a leftneck. We call Grant a Florida patriot.

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