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Cheryl Wheeler



2009 - Pointing at the Sun
2005 -  Defying Gravity
2003 - Different Stripe
1999 - Sylvia Hotel
1995 - Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
1993 - Driving Home
1991 - Circles & Arrows
1991 - Half a Book
1987 - Live and Otherwise
1986 - Cheryl Wheeler
1983 - Newport Songs
You may not be familiar with Cheryl, but you have probably heard her music. She is very respected as a songwriter by her peers, which can be seen by how many of them record her songs. Cheryl's songs have been covered by artists as diverse as Dan Seals, Peter Paul and Mary, Kenny Loggins, Garth Brooks, Suzy Boggus, Melanie, Bette Midler, Maura O'Connell, Sylvia, Kathy Mattea, and Holly Near. If they think she is great, then you owe it to yourself to learn more if you aren't familiar with her.From her albums you can tell that she is a gifted songwriter with a beautiful voice. From other people's comments about her you can learn that she is a natural story teller with a fantastic sense of humor. But until you see her in person, you never really believe what you've been told about her. Besides, almost half of the songs she does during her shows haven't been recorded! If you have never seen her do a live concert, then by all means do so! I get e-mail from people all the time thanking me for spreading the word about Cheryl. They go to the concert knowing they will enjoy it, and often find it even better than they had thought it would be. If she ever performs near you, do what you can to attend. If you don't, you will kick yourself later for missing a great show.

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