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What is a House Concert?

House concerts offer the ultimate intimate music-listening setting; a living room in someone's home. In such a setting, the artist and the listeners all merge into the collective experience and the wall between the stage and the audience disappears. House Concerts are more social and more fun than any traditional show you might be used to and, once you have attended one, you will be hooked on them. Artists at all stages of their careers perform in House Concert venues and it has rapidly become a normal and accepted setting for even the most well-respected artists. You might get a chance to see nearly anyone in a House Concert venue. Most performers love the setting because it allows them to connect to their fans and it gives them the type of feedback that they became musicians for.
Do not be intimidated to make reservations with a host you do not know. House Concert hosts are just people that love music and want to share it with other people. And, do not think that everyone there must know each other. At every show there are new folks and those that may have been attending for years. This is what makes House Concerts so much fun. You may not know anyone when you arrive, but you will know most by the time you leave and you may make some of your best new friends this way. It happens all the time.
What could be better than sharing food and drink, and listening to meaningful, fun, original music by talented singer/songwriters in a comfortable atmosphere among friends and people of similar interests?

Of what does the Typical House Concert consist?

Evening concerts:
Doors open at 7:15pm for "mix & mingle" with drinks and hors d'oeurvres. Its also a time to sample some of Craig's unusual homemade wines
Music starts at 8:00 p.m.

Sunday and afternoon concerts start times vary: format is the same.

Artist donation is normally $15, but sometimes the better-known artists request a higher donation (all money goes directly to the artist)
If you wish to bring a dish or snack to share it is welcomed, but not required..
Artists usually play 2 sets with a break between: your opportunity to purchase CDs and mingle with the rest of the audience.

Reservations are requested as often seating limited.
Directions to the specific venue will be given with your reservations

For more info or to make reservations use the Reservation feature on the website for each show - or call Craig Huegel: (727) 422-6583 or Email: Huegelc55@aol.com

Where are Our Kind Of Folk House Concerts held?

The 'Our Kind of Folk' House Concert series is actually held in the homes of 3 different families in different parts of Pinellas County, Florida.
Each home provides a different experience and allows us to match the artist's needs with the right atmosphere and conditions. You may notice that we often put the emerging artists in the Huegel home in Seminole and put the more established artists (and the ones that need a piano) in Palm Harbor with the Morris' or in Tarpon Springs with the Hoffmans. The venue for each show is listed with concert name listing. The specific address for each concert will be given when you make reservations.

I am an Artist or Agent. How can I book a Our Kind Of Folk House Concert?

Our Kind of Folk normally books its shows a year in advance and only with artists we are familiar with. That said, if you are an artist or agent wishing to book a concert or to get some assistance in getting shows in other area venues, please contact:Craig Huegel at: (727) 422-6583 or by e-mail: huegelc55 'at' aol 'dot' com

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